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Screening Bucket


rotary screening bucket


Screening Bucket

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Screening Bucket


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Screening Bucket,Rotary Screening Bucket
Screening Bucket


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Screening Bucket,Rotary Screening Bucket
Screening Bucket

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Screening Bucket,Rotary Screening Bucket


We attach great importance to quality control and testing. Separate tests are performed by our expert team during the manufacturing period and at the end of manufacturing


As the name suggests, screening buckets are a particular type of excavator and loader attachments, designed to “screen” materials. They are used for screening and separation of materials, both before and after a crushing phase. They feature a number of screening blades – designed in different configurations-, which allow different particle sizes of screened material, depending on the job’s requirements. Simply said, screening buckets are able to separate materials of a particular size or shape, that pass through them, from the rest of the matter.

Screen buckets are easy to use and multi-functional tools that can be used for separating materials such as top soil, construction waste, demolition, compost, etc. Typical screening applications include:

• Topsoil – to prepare a topsoil for projects like sport fields, landscaping and large gardens;
• Padding and Back-filling – to screen dig materials for reuse padding pipeline and cables;
• Composting – to create a high nutritional soil by mixing and aerating them;
• Industrial Applications – to screen and separate raw materials;
Recycling – to separate fines from recyclable material;
• Screening Peat – to screen stones, stumps and roots out, to process light material;

Less Maintenance
Easy And Quick To Use
20 - 50 Tonnes Machines
High Capacity
Cost Effective
Light Weight
Ideal For Both Excavators And Wheel Loaders
Wide Range Of Products


Galen rotary screening bucket is ideal for demolition, excavation filling or pebble selection in waterways, screening and re-separation of organic wastes with sand, recovery of aggregates, selection of natural or waste materials for public maintenance, and rehabilitation of special green areas, stony land.

Rotary Screening bucket, equipped with a rotary basket in both directions, is easily interchangeable and with a network selection (min 10 × 10 – max 150 × 150), it is produced in 7 models for 1 to 40 ton excavators, also applies to mini loaders, backhoe and wheel loaders.In the case of unwanted impacts, the rotary screening bucket includes motor and hydraulic in the bucket, no drainage line is required, and the frame is in the shape of a truncated cone to increase the dredging screening surface.

  • use for cylindrical screening, top soil screening, green waste recycling and separation of fine particles from rocks or aggregates
  • large capacity volume
  • epicyclic gear motor rotary screening drum drive
  • Robust, reliable frames built to withstand even the heaviest workloads
  • Primary screening of scrap material, demolition material, excavation filling material and material resulting from the reclamation of rocky soil
  • Gravel selection in waterways
  • Beach cleaning

Nothing for material selection cleaning and screening Galen rotary screening bucket perform better.With its high capacity open fronted drum design and simple hammer line feeding operation, Rotary Screening Bucket offers the highest level in material scanning and sorting.

Galen Rotary Screening bucket is equipped with interchangeable mesh system and interchangeable sections around the inner circumference of a drum in the conical back area of ​​the drum. A bolt in the machine mounting bracket ensures maximum use between machines of various sizes. Seven models are available to suit mini excavators from 3 tons to 40 tons excavators.