As the name suggests, screening buckets are a particular type of excavator and loader attachments, designed to “screen” materials. They are used for screening and separation of materials, both before and after a crushing phase. They feature a number of screening blades – designed in different configurations-, which allow different particle sizes of screened material, depending on the job’s requirements. Simply said, screening buckets are able to separate materials of a particular size or shape, that pass through them, from the rest of the matter.

Screen buckets are easy to use and multi-functional tools that can be used for separating materials such as top soil, construction waste, demolition, compost, etc. Typical screening applications include:

  • Topsoil – to prepare a topsoil for projects like sport fields, landscaping and large gardens;
  • Padding and Back-filling – to screen dig materials for reuse padding pipeline and cables;
  • Composting – to create a high nutritional soil by mixing and aerating them;
  • Industrial Applications – to screen and separate raw materials;
  • Recycling – to separate fines from recyclable material;
  • Screening Peat – to screen stones, stumps and roots out, to process light material;