Istanbul based company chose us screening bucket

A company from Istanbul chose us for screen bucket. They ordered one screen bucket for their excavator so as to use in infrastructure works. We’ve produced their screenbucket in one week!

The screening bucket we produce are provided with the highest quality guarantee. They are constantly contacting us about their satisfaction. Our company is experienced in the production of screen bucket, its employees are dedicated to working diligently, and our factory provides very high standards for production, using Hardox material. The buckets are robust and long-term easy to use.

In our Screen Bucket, we make special production for our customers. Proven technology is used and our products
Heavy duty structure
Robustness and low maintenance with Hardox material
High performance
It is provided to mix and crush soft materials.
As the name suggests, screen bucket are a particular type of excavator and loader attachments, designed to “screen” materials. They are used for screening and separation of materials, both before and after a crushing phase. They feature a number of screening blades – designed in different configurations-, which allow different particle sizes of screened material, depending on the job’s requirements. Simply said, screening buckets are able to separate materials of a particular size or shape, that pass through them, from the rest of the matter.